Buteyko Breathing Method, Techniques, and History

One of the most powerful practices I’ve experienced to fight anxiety, boost energy, and improve overall general health has been the Buteyko Breathing Method. During the 1950s, a doctor from the Soviet Union began developing the principles of the Buteyko breathing technique. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was a physiologist interested in respiration and hyperventilation. Specifically, how breathing rates directly affect numerous

Intermittent Hypoxia Benefits

Recently, I’ve been diving into the effects of intermittent hypoxia and its potential benefits. Some of the studies I’ve read leave me both amazed and confused. Amazed by the fact that the published scientific research seems to indicate a mind-blowing list of beneficial effects to modest intermittent hypoxia exposure. The confusion I’m left with is why this information is not

The Importance of Your Lymphatic System

I overheard a fitness guru discussing his morning routine, and he casually mentioned a trampoline he keeps near his desk at his work. He continued talking. I wasn’t quite sure what he was rambling on about because I completely lost focus. I was stuck on his comment about the trampoline. Something clicked in my head, and I began pondering this

The Spartan Race Founder and the Kettlebell

Joe De Sena carries a 44-pound kettlebell with him everywhere he goes. Sounds a little unconventional, to say the least, but if you knew Joe De Sena, you would understand that unconventional is a word that describes him pretty well. Before Joe founded the Spartan Race and the Death Race, he sold fireworks and made t-shirts. He worked on Wall

Conscious Breathing by Anders Olsson

One of the most overlooked aspects of a healthy body, mind, and spirit is your breath. It’s incredibly misunderstood. The more I learn about it, the more I realize it just may be the most critical part of overall health. Andres Olsson set out to be one of the leaders in breathing education and research. He wrote a great book