Learning From the Immortal Jellyfish

I had no idea there was an Immortal Jellyfish. Scientists have discovered a jellyfish that can live forever and lead to clues on human mortality. The Turritopsis dohrnii is officially known as the only immortal creature on the planet Earth. This creature has been able to reverse the aging process and return to a young state. As the study of

Tracking Your Body With Inside Tracker

Interestingly, people bring their cars to auto mechanics more often than they see a doctor. I’m guilty of this as much as anyone. I take all the proper precautions to monitor my vehicle’s health throughout its life. Regular oil changes, rotate the tires, and so on. To protect my investment in my vehicle, I want to know what’s going on

The Running Man Orville Rogers

To say that Orville Rogers lived a full life would be a vast understatement. Known as The Running Man, Orville Rogers is a 101-year-old track star, airline pilot, and investing legend holds multiple world records for running. Orville was a commercial airline pilot for over 30 years at Braniff Airways. He was inducted into the Braniff Airways Foundation Hall of