Tummo Breathing Techniques for Inner Fire and Improved Health

The Tummo breathing method has been practiced for thousands of years, but the more we learn about our breath, the more interest this amazing practice attracts people of all backgrounds and walks of life. “You cannot breathe in the future, you cannot breathe in the past. Focus on the present.” – Buddhist Monk The combination of breathing practices, meditation, and

Wim Hof Breathing and Being an Ice Man

Of all the unique and inspirational personalities in the fitness and wellness world, one of my favorites is definitely Wim Hof. If you’re unaware of the Wim Hof breathing methods, techniques, and benefits they can offer, you need to investigate The Ice Man a little more. At first glance, most people are not quite sure what to make of Wim

54321 Grounding Technique for Anxiety Relief

There are a few amazing grounding techniques to help relieve sudden anxiety attacks. Many people are not aware of the numerous methods to help calm the mind and body when faced with growing panic, fear, or worry. One method that has been used with much success has been the 54321 grounding technique for anxiety relief. The next time you’re feeling

Buteyko Breathing Method, Techniques, and History

One of the most powerful practices I’ve experienced to fight anxiety, boost energy, and improve overall general health has been the Buteyko Breathing Method. During the 1950s, a doctor from the Soviet Union began developing the principles of the Buteyko breathing technique. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was a physiologist interested in respiration and hyperventilation. Specifically, how breathing rates directly affect numerous

Intermittent Hypoxia Benefits

Recently, I’ve been diving into the effects of intermittent hypoxia and its potential benefits. Some of the studies I’ve read leave me both amazed and confused. Amazed by the fact that the published scientific research seems to indicate a mind-blowing list of beneficial effects to modest intermittent hypoxia exposure. The confusion I’m left with is why this information is not