3 Great Tips for Pause Deadlifts

Practice pause deadlifts for significant strength gain and a great addition to your typical barbell lifting routine. The paused deadlift is a slight variation of the basic deadlift maneuver. When you pull the bar off the floor, somewhere before the bar reaches your knee, add a pause in your lift. Many lifters have experienced a massive improvement in numerous muscle

CT Fletcher Workout Programs Will Punish and Restore

Sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. When my motivation dips and I’m struggling to get back to the barbell, I like to tap into interesting characters in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding. There is no more fascinating personality than C.T. Fletcher. And if you’re looking for a punishing routine in the gym, the CT Fletcher workout

Wim Hof Breathing and Being an Ice Man

Of all the unique and inspirational personalities in the fitness and wellness world, one of my favorites is definitely Wim Hof. If you’re unaware of the Wim Hof breathing methods, techniques, and benefits they can offer, you need to investigate The Ice Man a little more. At first glance, most people are not quite sure what to make of Wim

Longevity Spinach and Why You Should Eat It

Longevity spinach is a leafy vegetable relatively unknown in the United States until recently. The health benefits and hardy growth characteristics make longevity spinach an easy go-to addition to salads, tea, or simply a quick healthy snack. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is just as important as ever, and the leafy green vegetable plays a vital role in the

Handstand Progression for Total Body Fitness

Handstand progression for total body fitness is my new recommendation for anyone up for a challenge. Although it may look intimidating at the start, learning to do a handstand, and then eventually walking on your hands, is one of the best ten-minute workouts out there. With a steady practice of the handstand progression, you will be on your way to