3 Great Tips for Pause Deadlifts

Practice pause deadlifts for significant strength gain and a great addition to your typical barbell lifting routine. The paused deadlift is a slight variation of the basic deadlift maneuver. When you pull the bar off the floor, somewhere before the bar reaches your knee, add a pause in your lift. Many lifters have experienced a massive improvement in numerous muscle

Deficit Deadlift for Explosive Power and Strength

The deficit deadlift is performed off an elevated surface. Its purpose is to limit the standard deadlift starting mechanics, and in the process, target those very same muscles for more explosive strength. Have you hit the strength-gain wall in your deadlift? Are you looking for some variety in the gym, tired of the same old moves? How about more explosive

Modern Wisdom Podcast with Brett Jones – What Is Strength

Recently the Modern Wisdom podcast featured Brett Jones, who teaches strength training and is the Director of Education at Strong First. It’s a fascinating conversation on not just working out, but why you need strength and fitness and how it can be a foundation for all other aspects of your life. I’m continually trying to figure out how to gain

Handstand Progression for Total Body Fitness

Handstand progression for total body fitness is my new recommendation for anyone up for a challenge. Although it may look intimidating at the start, learning to do a handstand, and then eventually walking on your hands, is one of the best ten-minute workouts out there. With a steady practice of the handstand progression, you will be on your way to