Tracking Sleep With The Oura Ring

The market for tracking sleep quality is changing rapidly. There was a time when tracking your sleep was incredibly unreliable and challenging for the average person. I can remember having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep and feeling hopeless. The feeling of waking up after 8 hours of sleep and feeling like I never went to bed was something I’ll

How to Improve Your BOLT Score

If you’ve done any research on breathing techniques and the importance of breathing through your nose, then you’ve probably come across something called your Bolt Score. It’s called the Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT) and can be a useful tool to determine your relative breathing volume. When your BOLT score is low, it’s a sign of a sensitivity to carbon

54321 Grounding Technique for Anxiety Relief

There are a few amazing grounding techniques to help relieve sudden anxiety attacks. Many people are not aware of the numerous methods to help calm the mind and body when faced with growing panic, fear, or worry. One method that has been used with much success has been the 54321 grounding technique for anxiety relief. The next time you’re feeling

How Long Does Sugar Stay in Your Body?

Many of us have sweet tooth and sugar cravings. Instead of eating vegetables, we are attracted to cookies, candies, ice cream, and sweet foods. Yet, even when we are making these choices, we understand that they may not be healthy. The dopamine release from sugar keeps us coming back for more. Sugar undoubtedly affects our health, but many of us

Longevity Spinach and Why You Should Eat It

Longevity spinach is a leafy vegetable relatively unknown in the United States until recently. The health benefits and hardy growth characteristics make longevity spinach an easy go-to addition to salads, tea, or simply a quick healthy snack. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is just as important as ever, and the leafy green vegetable plays a vital role in the