Weekly Update – Weights

Andrew Huberman on Growing Muscle and Getting Stronger

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He also has an excellent podcast and YouTube channel giving in-depth explanations on a variety of health-related topics.

Recently, I listened to his episode on how to grow muscle and get stronger. He goes into great detail on how the muscle responds to weight and some counter-intuitive ideas behind strength training.

Not only that, but Huberman discusses how to optimize the number of reps and sets in the gym to get stronger.

I had to listen to the episode three times before it started to sink in, but I came away with a ton of knowledge from this episode. Check out Andrew’s website here.

Coach Rippetoe Gives a Few Tips on Squats

If you don’t know “Rip,” it’s about time you get up to speed. Of course, I’m talking about coach Mark Rippetoe, teacher, strength trainer, and author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.

This is a great video on the basic squat movement. I love the simple and straightforward advice Rip gives to John Lovell from Warrior Poet Society and fellow weight trainer.

An interesting comment during the video was when John asked Rip what he would do if he had to train a nursing home. Rip replied that if he trained a nursing home, half the people would be back home after a month.

Rip explained that many people end up in a nursing home because of a lack of strength. If you have strength, you can take care of yourself, thus not needing the services of a nursing home.

Check out Mark Rippetoe, his book, his YouTube, and podcasts. They are all great resources for getting stronger.