Weekly Update – Longevity

Detailed Article on CGMs for Nondiabetics by Peter Attia

Peter Attia just published a lengthy article on continuous glucose monitors and shared a few thoughts on why wearing one could be helpful.

He begins by arguing that CGMs are useful for people, even if they don’t have diabetes. Attia discusses how he’s heard the argument that CGMs are a waste of time and money for nondiabetics.

Peter makes a case for wearing a CGM as a preventative measure. This is a line of thinking that I wish was more common in today’s healthcare system. After I read the article, I was a bit surprised that Attia even needed to argue that nondiabetics will benefit from CGMs as they take control of their eating habits.

Then I remembered how messed up the typical health advice has become. I remembered that there are still many doctors who don’t advise a more active patient approach to optimization and education. I’m glad Peter is fighting the good fight.

He does disclose he is a paid advisor to a CGM company, but I still like the effort. Hopefully, this thinking in the Doctor/healthcare community will become more common.

Read the full article here

David Sinclair Talks Aging and Why We Don’t Have To

‘Talks at Google’ hosts David Sinclair, an expert on aging and longevity. Sinclair is a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and wrote a book titled, “Lifespan.”

His talk covers topics on the possibility to slow down, and even reverse the aging process.